2020 Western Christian School

Benefit Auction

Our First Ever Fully Online Auction Starts
May 16th – May 23rd

Watch the video below if you need help registering for the online auction!

A Closer Look at This Year’s Auction

This isn’t your average auction. We believe this is more than just rolling with the punches. This is God’s Hand and Timing!

Rob & Linda Dibble

Welcome to our first ever on-line auction…and the 75th anniversary of Western!

We are very excited to have a backup option for this year’s auction, though we know that presents its own unique challenges. We want to help make this experience as easy as possible and keep our vulnerable population safe, so we want to give you some basic information:  

Here are some instructions to help you navigate our online auction:


Registration is very easy. Just click onto this link and it will take you to our Greater Giving Website. This will give you step-by-step instructions on how to register. You will have to enter a credit card (yes, that’s the only way we can accept payment).  Register by May 15th end of day to get your name in the drawing for a prize valued at $100!

Items that are up for bid will be available in time blocks

We will select items that will open and close on different days.  Example: Package A and B may open for bidding on Saturday, but close on Monday. While Package C and D become available on Sunday and close on Tuesday.  You will receive numerous texts and alerts throughout this process! We’ll be using the School’s alert system to text you when great packages are about to open. Plus, once you register, our auction website, Greater Giving will also alert you.  

You will be able to set max bids

Greater Giving will do all the work for you. Just set the amount you are willing to spend and walk away. Greater Giving will bid up to that amount and alert you in the process! Of course, if someone outbids you, you will have the opportunity to change your max bid amount. We will also have some packages that you can buy on the spot! We will set a price on certain items that you can be yours if you’re feeling generous. Shabby Chic is back! Of course, we will still have those one-of-a-kind reclaimed items just for you. These items will have a set price and not be open for bid.

Pickup will be at the school on Tuesday, May 26th between the hours of 9am-5pm

By appointment after that. All items will be in the Sports Pavilion. Don’t worry, we will have staff who will be directing you from the moment you arrive on campus, who will help you load these items so you don’t need to leave your vehicle, and give you a great experience. If you cannot pick up, we have a few people willing to deliver in Oregon in the Willamette Valley and along the I-5 corridor, and we can also ship some items to you. Not all items are available for delivery or shipping. Please note those items when you are bidding.

If you have not received an email about meat and cheese or hanging flower baskets and would like to place order, contact Katie Tish at tishbadi@gmail.com for meat and cheese and VanLeerdamPhil@gmail.com for hanging baskets. Meat and Cheese orders, along with the flower orders close on May 9th and will no longer be available for purchase. Pickup date is also May 26th. These two items will be available in the cafeteria. You will pay at pick-up for these particular orders.

Special Projects:

Pave the Potholes

Our special project this year is one near and dear to our hearts, especially in the never ending rainy season. It is finally time to pave those potholes. This is a huge project and will need a lot of generous donors to help make this happen.  

Teacher wish list. 

A few of teacher’s, including our wonderful Mr. Brum, have items they need for their classroom. This year, the music room needs new sound paneling. Each panel is $10. Would you consider buying 1 or 2 and helping Mr. Brum’s music classes save his ears, or put a donation in the Teacher’s Fund that will be split up amongst the teachers?

Celebrating 75 Years

“…let there be light.”

In the beginning…

The year was 1944, and change was taking place in the United States; technology was advancing and culture evolving. But was that change going in the right direction? A government mandate in Oregon had just passed requiring that children continue education until the age of 16. An 8th Grade education was no longer enough. The fear for parents then was the same as it is now. With the majority of their day inside a building, who would be influencing these children? Would parents leave it to a public school system to shape their children’s lives, the very same system that one day would eventually kick God out of the schools, teach a creation without a Creator, and remove the Artist’s signature from His own masterpiece? And so, a vision was born…a foundation was laid, a private Christian school, Western Mennonite, was created that would stand as a light in the darkness for future generations.

If you look at Western’s first logo, you’ll see fir trees, a lamp, and the Bible, and a passage that states… “Thy word giveth light.”

For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. (2 Cor 4:6, NASB).

The founders of Western Mennonite who did not toil in vain, saw the future accurately. In a world ever pulling away from God and biblical values, Western has fought to be different.

As we commemorate Western’s History, we have chosen a theme of being Light in the Darkness. In a world driven by fear, anxiety, anger, and selfishness, it is a fantastic opportunity for the body of Christ to be the light, a beacon in the darkness, and to remember that Western still stands on a solid foundation, Jesus Christ.

Then Jesus again spoke to them saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” 

(John 8:12 NASB)

Our Auction Week Videos (Updated Daily)

Friday 5/15 Auction Eve Kick Off

Saturday 5/16

This Little Light of Mine – A Video by Tyler Sturdivant

A Close Up Look at Our Quilts – With Sarah Duvall

A Walk Through Our Shabby Chic Store

Pioneer Perk Packages – Principal for a Day

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